Construction Equipment

Vibro Hammer

Application Fields

- Lower cost of maintenance than crane hammer

- Outstanding workability and mobility

- Easier operate in critical regions such as chaotic section of city, bridge area and the vicinity of high-voltage wired than crane hammer does

- Equipped with high-powerd hydraulic piston motoer and suitable bearing for high frequency vibration


- Install vibro isolating rubber for high frequency purpose

- Easy connect and disconnect the hammer by the use of excavator's breaker hydraulic liens

- The clamping lug can handle and move construction objects easily

- Pile driving power 20% up compared to the existing equipments

- Sufficient wear-resistant design and 360-degree revolution

Construction Equipment

Vibro Ripper

Application Fields

- Around 70% of Hydraulic Breaker works
- Mining industry
- Tunnel construction
- Downtown building
- Under water operation without option
- Excavation and Demolition

Vibro-Ripper Benefits

- Higher productivity than Hydraulic Breaker
- Noise level is under 90db
- Easy replacement tooth(chisel)
- Minimum shock to excavator
- Simple design and less maintenance
- Highly reduced fuel consumption


- Its excellent performance is from high frequency vibration. It leads even surrounding material's cracks.

- Its outstanding performance could not even compare with hydraulic breaker and it will be achieved more efficient works.

- The most excellent thing is faster than traditional hydraulic breaker arount 3 to 5 times and it has minimum noise under 90db.

- The tooth that made wear-resistant steel will reduce maintenance costs as much as possible.

The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice for improvement.