Construction Equipment

Orange Grapple

- Use high strength and abrasion resistance material reliability.  

- All pin-holes in heat-treated parts increase wear resistance bushing inserts extend life of equipment.  

- When the retractable legs spread when installing STOPBAR promote stability in the CYLINDER.  

- LINK-BAR between connection must have the same movement at the same time to sides BUCKET.  

- Follow the needs of working ‘A-Type’ and ‘B-Type’ to select.  

- Tooth can be replaced by the application.  

- Install cylinder guards ROD.  

- Rotation  
   - 360° by hydraulic motor forward / reverse mode.  
   - 360° free rotation  
   - Fixed 

Construction Equipment

Clam Shell

- Especially suited to loose runny materials

- Pulling stumps

- Picking and placing large rock, trees, brush, etc

Construction Equipment


- The flat board work is available

- Large ripper tooth prevents it from breaking

- High quality and strengthened performance

  • - Rip and scarify frozen ground and soil

  • - Remove stumps, roots systems


- Rip through tough, hard-packed, and frozen material with the powerful force of the ripper attachment.

- Built for maximum penetration, the ripper attachment tears through tough soil and frozen ground with rugged force. Gussets provide heavy-duty ripping power, and a heavy-duty shank reinforces the attachment structure for maximum uptime protection.

- The single-point tooth design delivers optimum penetration, ripping through frozen ground and through root systems with ease. And once the ground is loosened, simply replace the ripper attachment with a bucket to finish cleaning the hole. Penetrate, scarify, and remove with the powerful tearing force of the ripper attachment.

The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice for improvement.