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STP 250 lay-out

STP 250 Working Radius

Specification of Aerial Platform

Description UNIT STP 250
Chassis Length mm 5790
Width mm 2100
Height mm 2980
Applicable Truck ton Hyundai 3.5ton (payload)
Boom Section ea 7
Length mm 3800
Type - all sections withdrawing & extension simultaneously
Turntable Slewing ° 270° incontinuous
Type - Hydraulic
Type - Front & Rear 3 section Hydraulic
Stroke mm Front 1050
mm Rear 1050
Extention Length mm Horizontal (Front, Rear) 5060
mm Vertical (Left, Right) 5640
Outrigger Stroke mm 700
Platform Size mm Width × Length × Height (710 × 1740 × 1100)
Type - Electronical
Slewing ° 360° incontinuous
Control Method Wire - OPTION
Wireless - Standard
Height Max. working height m 25.5
Max. working weight kg 300

High-strength aluminum bucket

Increased safety of high work
with extended aluminum bucket.

Auto leveling bucket

It is automatically adjusted the boom leveling by level cylinder to secure bucket horizontality.

Boom system

All chain system to minimize drooping the boom for safety work.

High-strength structure

For important structures such as boom system and frame, used high-tension steel.

Front/Rear outrigger

2 level X-type outrigger, provides excellent working stability

Boom system

High-strength 7
section boom. All
chain system to fast
and safe work.

Remote control

Standard option with high quality of HETRONIC remote control.

AML system

AML(Auto Moment Limit) system guarantee the operator’s safe.

Oil cooler

High quality of oil cooler provides the best performance for machine.

Outrigger lever

Outrigger control lever with convenient operation.

Emergency pump

Ensure safety of operator by operating emergency pump when emergency stop of crane.